Do you have any suggestions, complaints or compliments? The Ombudsman is at your disposal to meet your request.

Requesting the Ombudsman is your right as a client in exceptional situations and unresolved claims.

Therefore, before requesting Ombudsman, allow regular channels (Support, Implementation, Commercial and Consulting) to offer the solution for your claim. Most of the claims and recurrences are solved through these channels.

However, if the possibility of recourse was exhausted and no satisfactory solution was obtained, the Ombudsman, as a channel of last resort, will interact with the internal areas of the company seeking a solution to the difficulty presented and the improvement of the service provided.

Next, you have the infographic that explains the process for a better use of this channel:

Our ombudsman system

If you want the Ombudsman of EliteSoft to intercede in the case of a Protocol already registered in our regular channels, fill in the following chart: